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Unlike residential garage door customers, commercial garage doors customers needs are different. Taking the residential perspective and applying it on the commercial garage door installation process is inherently wrong. Commercial garage doors installation demands a different approach. We at Doorexperts 24/7 are applying this different approach. Our vast experience in the commercial garage doors market brought us to the conclusion that a successful garage door installation service would be achieved, only if you make a synergy of all the variables in the process.

Business Characteristics & Needs

Residential customers tend to be homogeneous. Most of them have the same demands and standards. The only difference can surface is design matters, this one can be handled quite fast. When approaching the commercial garage doors customers, there is a wide spectrum of demands and standards that are varying based on the customer’s business profile. One customer may need a fireproofed garage door, while the other may need custom made sizes. We at Doorexperts 24/7, take the business characteristics as our planning “beacon”. First thing first, the planning will begin with analyzing the business characteristics. In that way, we find what our customer know that he might need and even sometimes, what he doesn’t. This phase shade light on all the following phases and help us to provide the optimal solutions for our customers.

High-quality Equipment & Parts

Commercial garage door tend to work much harder than their residential counterparts. Therefore those doors must be planned to hold that load. Most of garage door manufacturers create commercial dedicated equipment and parts. Taking this knowledge into account, when planning the system is crucial. High quality commercial equipment and parts will be more suitable for the loads imposed by commercial use, lowering the probability for malfunctions and failures. We at Doorexperts 24/7 work with the leading garage doors brands and manufacturers. When planning the garage door, we choose only commercial dedicated equipment and parts. Each piece of equipment and parts are carefully fitted to create the optimal garage door system. All the equipment and parts that we deliver: garage doors, openers, torsion springs, cables, and chains, come with a commercial warranty.

Commercial Garage Door Installation Professionals

Planning right is important, but correctly commencing the plan is even more. There are many good garage door service companies in the market but not all of them are able to perfectly commence a commercial garage door installation plan. In order to achieve that “perfection”, the crews of professionals working on the installation need to be more than just trained and experienced. A real Commercial garage door installation professional should poses up-to-date knowledge on methods, materials equipment, and technology. Possession of this knowledge might be achieved only by a strategic support of the service company. At Doorexperts 24/7 we see this mean as a high strategic target. Beside of being highly accredited, highly trained and experienced; Our garage door professionals are undergoing constant skill improvement seminars. This allows them to acquire up-to-date skills and knowledge. In this way, we can provide our customers with the best execution of installation projects.

The Complete End-to-End Solution

Our commercial garage door installation process provides our customers with an end-to-end solution that begins with smart planning and ends with high-quality execution. In the end, our customers get exactly the garage door they need, perfectly ready to work and for a price that actually suite their needs.

You can rest assured that when our garage door professionals attend the service call, no part of the process will be left unattended. We will make sure that every part, even down to the smallest one, is installed and operating correctly before we leave. We can provide any type of commercial garage door installation in Vancouver and all the GVA area. We work on construction sites, new facilities, warehouses, existing buildings and other structures. Whether you’re adding a garage door for a new function or replacing an old one, we can cater that.

If you have any questions about the commercial garage doors service we provide, just give us a call or leave a message. Our team of specialists ready to answer your questions.

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