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Doorexperts 24/7 is a leading garage door repair services in Vancouver and all the GVA area. We understand the needs of business customers very well, following that we have developed our dedicated commercial garage door service. Our commercial garage door professionals are ready 24/7 to respond your service calls. Therefore, never allow small commercial garage malfunctions to disrupt your business activity.

Our commercial garage door professionals are well trained and experienced; therefore we can provide repair service for all commercial garage door types, styles, brands, and models. If you want to keep your garage door in operational efficiency all year long, we are your address.

When it comes to commercial garage doors, you need to know that even keeping a handle on the smallest maintenance issues can help prevent some major malfunctions down the road, which in turn saves you money, time and nerves. Prevention is the key element, so we strongly advise you to contact us when the smallest suspicious of malfunction is rising. We provide a large array of services that cover any possible failure: garage door torsion spring repair, cable repair, chain replacement, roller repair, weather stripping and other more. We also service special & dedicated commercial garage doors like:

  • Fireproof doors
  • Special Insulation doors (like Thermacore)
  • Counter doors
  • Security grills

No matter the kind of doors your business uses, our commercial garage door specialists can take care of it, thoroughly and professionally.

Doorexperts 24/7 does business, based on integrity and clarity. We are very strict about it. Our garage door professionals will carefully inspect every inch of your garage door and then provide you with a detailed service proposal and quote. You will pay only for what you need, no more – no less. Once the service receiver approves the service plan, we will begin our work on the spot. Our service teams are always equipped with spare parts that cover the common malfunctions. Doorexperts 24/7 strive to do a seamless repair works, therefore we give a full guarantee on our repairs works

So if your commercial garage door showing signs of wear out, contact us ASAP, don’t wait until it won’t open/close. Rests assure that you will receive the best service in Vancouver and GVA area. Our commercial garage doors professionals are waiting for your service call.

Why Our Customers Choose us?

100% Warranty

Each work we perform comes with a full warranty

We are confident in our service

 For every service we provide, you get a full warranty

Dedicated Team

For commercial and enterprise clients

dedicated for commercial garage doors

Commercial garage door repair takes a different approach. We understand this!

Fully Licensed

When we are covered, you are covered

We Work By The Book

All out experts are fully licensed and insured according to all the professional guidelines


You can trust us 100%

Honesty is our bread and butter

You will pay only for what you need. No hidden costs, no inflated bills.

Our Repair Services

  • Garage Door Spring Repair Service

  • Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

  • Garage Door Weather Stripping & Insulation

  • Garage Door Cable Repair Service

  • Garage Door Chain Repair Service

  • Garage Door Rollers Repair Service

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