5 Common Garage Doors Repairs in Vancouver

The garage door systems consists of more or less the same amount of parts. There are some components that are more prone to failures, due to their nature or role in the system. Every experienced garage door professional in Vancouver and the GVA area would probably give you the same five most common repair, here their are:

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

This is the most common repair both in the residential garage door market and the commercial garage door market. The garage door torsion spring have a significant role in the lifting process. The torsion sprint subjected to a tremendous pressure each time the door opens or closes. On the course of time the torsion spring material fatigues, creating deformations of the torsion spring, put it out of alignment and eventually break it. Garage door torsion springs has a limited life expectancy of about 6000 – 10,000 cycles, depends on the quality of the material. Even after several repairs and alignments, the “death” of the torsion sprint is inevitable. For example, if you open and close (one cycle) the door 4 times on daily basis, the life span of the torsion spring is expected to be 2500 days which means about 7 years. Repair or replacement of the torsion spring should be made by a professional. It might be a dangerous task for a non-experienced person and might lead to serious injuries. By the way, watching a video guide on YouTube, won’t be enough to make you experienced.

Garage door torsion spring Vancouver

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door opener is the heart of the garage door system. It also the component that makes   all the “heavy lifting”. Basically it is an electric motor that spins the chain/belt that lifts the garage door. There are two kinds of garage door openers: overhead garage door opener and roll up garage door opener. As every motor, the garage door opener is prone to failures caused by wear out. This is one of the most common repairs at the commercial garage door market, due to an intensive usage of the garage door. When we identify that the failure caused by the garage door opener there are two possible solutions: to repair it or to replace. In most of the times we manage to provide a painless solution and to repair it. Only if your garage door is very old and worn out, we would recommend replacing it with a new one. From year to year the garage door openers manufactures make more reliable, durable and advanced openers, therefore this is another argument to consider replacing a very old opener.  In both scenarios this is an easy repair and can be done in a short time.

Garage door opener Vancouver

Garage Door Chain Repair / Garage Door Belt Repair

Some garage doors use a chain other use a belt to transfer the lifting power from the garage door opener. Just like the torsion spring, the garage door chain/belt is subjected to a natural wear out. Unfortunately in most of the cases the chain/belt failure is total loss situation and it got to be replaced to a new one. Easier cases might like unaligned chain/belt can be solved by a relatively small and not expensive repair. Chains tend to be more durable then belts, but the belts are less prone to weather conditions.

Garage door chain - belts Vancouver

Broken Garage Door

A physical damage to the garage door is quite a common reason for a repair call. It mainly caused by due to an unfortunate occasion or poor garage door maintenance. Crashing, accidentally, with your car into the door is one of the most unfortunate occasions that we encountered. This cause is inevitable, but accidents happen and sometimes our control over it is minimal. The other cause is 100% inevitable and just demands our attention. Physical damage to the garage door often carries damage to the other garage door system components. This is the fast lane for big repair bills. Keep your door well maintained, address to every preliminary sign of malfunction and eventually be more careful when driving out/into the garage.

Broken garage door Vancouver

Garage Door Hinge Repair

Old school hinged garage doors are gradually disappearing from the landscape, but we still encounter those from time to time. The hinges of the garage doors are massive and robust but time and wear out take its tool. The hinges allow the garage door to open in constant radios. Each opening-closing for the garage door is wearing out the hinges. The hinges also carry the weight of the garage door weight of the door. In most of the cases, it is not worthwhile to repair a broken hinge, therefore in most of the cases, the hinge will be replaced with a new one. Broken hinge, may even cause a physical damage to the garage door (if it falls off). Proper maintenance will extend the life of the hinges.


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